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Re: Appetite

Posted by DL on December 30, 1998, at 12:22:21

In reply to Re: Appetite, posted by Toby on December 30, 1998, at 8:59:23

> With Remeron, the more norepinephrine, the less effect from histamine. Histamine is what causes the appetite to increase.

Why does Remeron help my sleep and anxiety if it increases norepinephrine when the Pamelor I took 1 1/2 yrs ago (which inc norepinephrine also) did not? All I remember was orthostatic hypotension, terrible dry mouth and eventually tremor. If I increase the Remeron will I lose some of the sleep and anxiety effects?

Theorectically, increasing the dose another 15 mg should help here.

I will call and check with the MD or perhaps wait till the Jan 7 appt. and ask then. If you search this site under REmeron you will find some newer responses about mixing Remeron and SSRI's with good results. Would this be a possibility for me or since I finally have some good results should I stay with only Remeron? I guess it is nice to finally get my head above the dark waters and I can see other people laughing and living on land in the sun?

> In lieu of that, people have recently been telling me that the sports drinks, Gatorade and whatnot, are very useful for keeping the stomach full, but that unlike plain water, there are enough calories to decrease actual hunger but not too many calories like soda has. They also have no caffeine and are better for you than diet soda.

The only soda I drink is occasional glass of caffeine free diet coke. Caffeine is still not a friend-- Have you read the comments in the other part of this site about predicting who will react with aggitation to Prozac and SSRI's by asking if they drink coffee or caffeinated beverages? The MD's said people who become uncomfortably activated on caffeinated drinks usually avoid them and this is a good predictor of the above reaction to SSRI's. Any comment? Do you find this true?
I will try the sports drink idea--keep it in the car when I go from home to home.

>Bananas, apples, and oranges are good to snack on, as is Chex mix, and raw veggies (tomatoes being better for some people than carrots in terms of satisfying hunger).

I have lots of apples and bags of those tiny carrots with me usually. I have found that the new dried cranberries are good to snack. I realize they are concentrated calories, but they are good because they are tart and need to be chewed one at a time.

Don't forget exercise, either. If you can't afford a membership at a health club or the YMCA, libraries often have exercise videos to check out for free (which is good because you can vary your routine more than if you had to buy only a few and then get bored). Exercise moves the blood supply away from the stomach so that hunger decreases immediately afterwards.

With the change in health ins I think I get a cut rate at some health clubs. I will check to see how expensive. The exercise class I have gone to 3xwk for 6 or 7 years is a half hour drive from my new place and with workand the changes I haven't been in a while. I can keep exer clothes in the car and try to get there too. I used to walk a lot and that is more diff now (We have snow and some ice). But I used to walk early Sun morn and can try that too.

> And, now that the New Year is coming, maybe a lot of these high calorie snacks will disappear from the office for awhile.

You're right! All sorts of things showed up there. And it was terrible for me since sweets were never my thing. I couldn't believe that I was attracted to them!

> Take care.

Yes.....Thank you.......this part is as healing to me as anything else....




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