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Re: Speech

Posted by DL on November 1, 1998, at 0:33:52

In reply to Re: Speech, posted by Toby on October 29, 1998, at 8:51:27

> I looked at Dr. Bob's posts that he recommended. Did you see that Klonopin has been used for the jaw clenching with good results? You may need to go back to it at night since I think I remember from your other posts that this started before you started on medications; so it sounds like an independent problem, not particularly related to the medications.

I read the posts Dr. Bob listed. And yes, the clenching and the speech problem were both there before any medications. But the speech problem was new to me 2 1/2 yrs ago when I teetered on the edge of insanity. But I am worried about starting the klonopin again. Even though it was a tiny dose, I was told by so many MD's that it is" not good to take benzos and that I would become addicted and that they don't help after a few weeks anyways". The Remeron seems to be helping much morethan the klonopin in the area of sleep. I actually feel rested when I wake up. It was hard to stop the klonopin because I was worried I wouldn't sleep and because I felt much more anxious when I didn't take it.

----If I start taking it again at night, would it be difficult if I needed to stop again? Would it probably worsen my concentration even more?

---How long a trial would I have to give it to see if it was helping?

---Would it interact with the Remeron? Especially since Remeron has been associated with some bone marrow problems in some people who take it.

> Also, it sounds like you are having problems getting your words SPOKEN, not LOSING the word in your brain, like a memory problem, is that right?

Yes, definitely...It is the spoken part that is the problem. I know what I want to say and start to talk but then it's as if suddenly the muscles stop responding in the middle of a word. Then it just gets worse the more I try to keep talking. I seem to have more luck it I switch to a different word instead of continuing to get out the one I'm trapped in. It's more apt to happen in longer conversations and sentences. I wish I could have a recording of me during the day so I could listen and see if it really sounds terrible to others.

> In that case, it may also be related to anxiety, or in some way related to the jaw clenching, like the muscles spasm sometimes.

Perhaps a spasm. Even with my new tooth guard (which I thought would fix the problem) I will wake up unable to open my jaw even enough to get a tooth brush in....I have to work at the joint to be able to open up each morning. That is how I know I must be clenching pretty bad--if I am spasmed/locked onto the guard.

> Regarding the preferred medications: The MD's do need to contact the insurance company and appeal for the Remeron and for the natural hormones. You have a history of adverse reactions to the others and that is a criteria for most companies to approve off-formulary medications.

Thanks for the helpful hints! I see the psychiatrist this Mon and i will ask his opinion too. Perhaps if I call him when I switch policies he will connect with the ins co.

----Anything else you recommend for when I see the MD? Hang around with the 30mg Remeron? Is it effective for depression at this dose? Should I have any other tests done?

--Remember the posts about the thyroid tests? You said they were low but within normal and suggested adding thyroid to Remeron if needed. How would know if it was needed?

---Should I worry about the bone marrow problems?

---Is there a difference between the generic clonazepam and klonopin? Back when I first had a script for it the generic was not out yet (I don't think). Then once I was given the generic and had trouble sleeping again. So the MD wrote that the name brand was medically necessary. Was this likely just my varrying sleep patterns, or could the generic be less effective?

Thanks to you and Dr. Bob for answering me.





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