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Re: Wrong? No

Posted by Dr. Bob on October 30, 1998, at 5:01:20

In reply to Wrong About The Objectives Of This Board???, posted by Lisa on October 29, 1998, at 15:30:40

> It's obvious ... that you were looking for other
> professionals to answer posts on this list but
> got no response.

Not exactly. It's clear that other professionals
are answering posts here. And I think that's great.
That's *one* way this forum can be helpful.

But what I was thinking was that it would be nice
to know a little more about those professionals.
Nobody should just accept advice blindly, you know.

> I've been under the impression that we were all
> here to share our experiences with each other,
> and also to help out other fellow sufferers with
> any personal knowledge we possess from going
> through similar ordeals.

Exactly right, fellow sufferers helping each other
out is also a great way to use this forum.

> I check the board daily and find many questions
> going unanswered or ignored. Why?? I don't know
> except that maybe others who frequent the board
> feel that their feelings about an issue or their
> advice might be attacked or corrected by one of
> the limited amount of professionals

I hope that's not the reason. And I'm sorry if you
feel attacked (or even targeted) by me. If I try to
correct some information, it's just because I want
the information to be correct. I don't mean to
imply any criticism of anyone else.

If other people have any comments, I'm all ears...

> > I don't mean to be insensitive, but let me just
> > say that in theory it *is* conceivable that a
> > personality conflict was the problem.

> You *are* being insensitive by not trying to
> place yourself in my situation. If Internet
> Psychiatry is an interest of yours, realize that
> the Net is a big world with across the board
> views of everything. It is not confined to
> *your* world. He was a bad doctor for me not
> because our personalities didn't mesh, as you
> say, but because I found his form of practice
> incompetent and a waste of my money.

I *was* trying to place myself in your situation.
That's one reason I asked if you felt he was
blaming you for the problem. And I do realize there
are lots of views in the world. In fact, what I'm
trying to do is explain one. :-)

Let me try again. Clearly there was a problem. He
forgot what medication you were on, etc. That
shouldn't have happened. It was his fault. I'm not
trying to let him off the hook. I'm not saying you
should settle for that kind of treatment.

But I don't know if we can be sure that he treats
all his patients that way. Maybe he does, but maybe
he doesn't.

So, the only thing I was trying to say was that I
think in theory it's conceivable that he doesn't
treat all his patients that way. But then why would
he treat some patients that way and some patients
another way? Maybe because of how his personality
and those of his patients mesh -- or don't.

Does that make sense?

> Again you found it important for some reason to
> quote me in your answer to "Employer Requesting
> Information."...
> my response was only friendly advice from one
> patient to another.

And I just wanted to add a friendly clarification
based on what I know about the Americans with
Disabilities Act. :-)

> > I think it's with *potential* employers that
> > discrimination's a big issue: they're not supposed
> > to deny people jobs just because of any mental
> > problems.
> >
> > But if it's actual employers, the people already
> > have jobs, so that's not an issue.

> You have got to be kidding me :) Not an issue??
> Have you ever been stigmatized on the job because
> your employer found out about your mental
> illness?

Sorry, I wasn't clear enough again. All I meant
was that once someone has a job, *denying them a
job* isn't an issue anymore.

So, AFAIK, it's not illegal to ask them if they're
taking any medication. It *is* wrong, of course,
to discriminate against them just because they are.
I think I said in my next sentence that I didn't
condone discrimination on the job.

OK, my turn to be the target now, I guess. :-)





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