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Need advice - Toby

Posted by Lynn on October 14, 1998, at 9:11:41


Have to ask you once again for some advice. As I stated in my last post, I decided to drop my meds (Neurontin 1400 mg/day, Effexor 125/day and Wellbutrin SR 300/day) because I was just as depressed as I was when I first started this cycle. But more importantly I just felt tired all of the time AND VERY UNMOVTIVATED. Couldn't seem to find the motivation to return to work.

Since dropping the meds (or reducing) my depression seems abated but my anxiety is more acute, but I don't seem to hyperfocus anymore (obssevively worry )

Made an appointment with a new Doc who specialized in ADD as I suspected this too was a possibility given the many symptoms and recent diagnosis of neice and brother.

As you wisely stated, dropping all of them at the same time was not a good idea. The first 2 days I felt great!! Energy and a return of "good feelings". Started noticing the 3rd night very bad nightmares, intense sweating and insomnia. During the day I was very tired because I wasn't sleeping. Tried to endure this for about 5 days when I got terrible stomach pains which landed me in med all day. Not sure if this too was a symptom of withdrawl, but decided to alter my plan.

I started back on the wellbutrin 150 per day and neurontin 800 per day. Have alternately stopped the wellbutin and reduced the neurontin. Noticed that days I did not take neurontin had return of insomnia and night sweats and dreams, with no symptom return of not taking Wellbutrin.

Meanwhile, saw the new doc who agrees that I probably do have ADD and depression. She has had success with Wellbutin for ADD and depression. As I had been taking Wellbutin for about 6 months alone last year, I don't think that this alone will help with the ADD. Also, I'm not sure if my depression totally stopped, or maybe continued on this because ADD wasn't diagnosed and treated properly?

We are "playing" with Ritalin right now. She said I probably won't see a lot of difference as long as I am on Neurontin. I take one Ritalin in the am and feel calmer and a little more focused. When I tried to take 2 because I didn't notice much difference, it was too much (jittery). Also, the Ritalin doesn't seem to last very long (2 hours). I am taking Wellbutrin SR 150 mg am and am still feeling tired.

My main concerns are
1) How can I get off this neorontin, how long will it take before I stop the "night" stuff. Is this interfering with the Ritaling and Wellbutrin? and why am I reacting so bad to this particular drug?

2) I have always been an insomniac, and I didn't realize until now that for the last year I for the first time in my life I have not had sleep problems (with the start of Neorontin and Trazadone). I am still taking 1/2 Trazadone at night, not helping with sleep, only sleeping 5 hours even with Ambien. Tried taking 1 full Trazadon, but made me feel like a Zombie the next day and didn't help with sleep.

3) What medications would be best to treat depression and ADD without making me feel tired from either lack fo sleep or "hangover" the next day? I have alwasy reacted very badly to any meds that have drowsiness effect. Make me too tired to function, but have always had sleep problems, both waking up early and getting to sleep.

Finally, am only taking the Ritalin 2 times per day (not after noon), don't feel jittery or anything so I don't think this is interfering with my sleep. Also, the wellbutin seems to make me tired, but side effects seem to indicate the opposite, so don't know whether I should take am or pm.

I have never been bothered by caffeine, but am very careful not to drink too much.

I see the new Doc again on Tuesday and my general Doc tomorrow and would love some insight.

Thanks for all your advice, it has definately led me down the right roads and new doctors.





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